Specialist Photographers in Resort Marketing

Marketing a resort presents special types of problem for the marketer. In the first place, there are so many different types of resort that placing a resort in a single segment is often a challenge. Add to that the issues of seasonality – you still have to make money in the offseason and then multiply that problem with all the regular marketing factors, brand, position, promotion and price, and you have quite the task.

Thank heaven for the Internet

In a lot of ways, the internet presents the marketer with the golden marketing opportunity. In the past, there were really two approaches a glossy brochure which you had to get in the hands of travel agents, and word of mouth.

Today the internet opens the door to outreach campaigns and unique ways to grow brands.

It all comes down to how it looks on screen

One great advantage of the internet is the ability to show rather than tell. Resort photographers can tell the story in appealing images which whet the appetite. The picture is worth a thousand words, and a great photographer can make all the difference.

Telling the story

Resort photographers

A professional photographer knows how to compose a picture. It’s not just a picture. They create an image which says to the viewer, this is how you could look and feel if you came to our resort. You could be by our pool, on our ski slopes. You could be feeling excited, relaxed, challenged, a winner.

The point is that the message appeals to the feelings which resonate with the viewer. It is how they feel when excited, not how you’re telling them they feel. It is so much more powerful than most techniques. A good photographer is a great spend of your marketing dollars.